The lovely and secluded walled garden at Braunstone Hall


The entrance to the walled garden at Braunstone Hall…

Braunstone Hall, if you didn’t know, was the seat of the Winstanley family. The last of their line expired a decade or so ago. What’s left is their old home, its stables and a walled garden with the most elegant magnolias.

After the First World War, with the government promising ‘homes fit for heroes’, a decent size of the Winstanley land was swallowed up to make the Braunstone housing estate.

Braunstone Hall was recently let by the council to the Parmar family, the same who renovated City Rooms in Hotel Street.

But why are we banging on about Braunstone again? It’s because Braunstone Hall is something of a rarity. A stately home square in the middle of a council estate. And it’s been an all too often victim of vandalism since its retirement as a very popular and much missed school.

Work is currently underway to transform the hall into a boutique hotel. Which means it’s a small hotel and not part of a chain. In the world of marketing it becomes boutique. Although, having had a mooch around inside the building a few years ago, it is a lot grander than a lot of little hotels. So boutique it is.

Below is the approach to the hall from the park.


Photo0152 Photo0162 Photo0163 Photo0164 Photo0166 Photo0167

When you walk under the archway between the stables and the garden you’re reminded of the park’s history as a camp during WW2.  The park was a base for British troops and the 82nd Airborne, AKA the All-American Division, many of whom had their lives cut short in Operation Market Garden and the Normandy landings. I think its Nissen huts also housed civilians and ex-services displaced by the war.

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These are the plans by the Parmars. A lot of the trees surrounding the park have recently been cut down.

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