The new(ish) 150AD mosaics, buildings in Great Central Street and a bridge over the Soar


Greetings one and all. I’ve been so busy and under the weather lately that I’ve been neglecting all sorts of things. My camera is like a swollen heifer ready for milking, and the contents, fret ye not, will be poured into these pages when time allows.

Yesterday, I wrote two scripts from scratch. One for a large company’s The Year Ahead presentation, and one for a film competition. Alas, due to work coming in and two fiery deadlines, I didn’t even get chance to read through my film script [First completed] before the deadline at 5pm yesterday. When it was pinged over at 17.01, it was still in the muddy boots stage.

However, it’s in now, and although it needs a bit of polish, it’s okay. Not great, not awful, but okay. I’d love to have another go at it.

Which leads me to this weekend where, with chums, I’ll be doing the Summer Wolf Run at a stately home in Leicestershire. Unfortunately, I took a tumble out running on Tuesday evening and I’ve got a Popeye-spinach look to my left arm, around the elbow. It’s where it took the full force of a trip made that much spicier by the fact I was running down hill, velocity aided by gravity.

I’ve been advised to cling film the impressive scabs as at the Wolf Run they force you through bogs and rivers and such like. Yesterday, my clients told me that a group of them did the Winter Wolf back in December. The upside was only two of them were off work for a week with dysentery…

Moving on.

The mosaics pictured here were located beneath a huge house which occupied the site of the Stibbe knitwear factory. They were located by the ULAS people because someone’s planning on putting a hotel there. The mosaic is in Great Central Street, which is home to the old Parcels Offices of the Great Central Railway. Incidentally, workers digging during the railway’s construction back in the 1830s (I think, please don’t shoot) also found a Roman mosaic. Such is the nature of a city like Leicester, which has been a settlement since at least the Corieltauvi, back about 2,300 years ago, you do find a good few old things in the soil. Although Richard III was, quite simply, taking the biscuit.

The wonderful story surrounding the mosaics can be found here…



The old GCR Parcel Offices building. The site will be developed shortly with an idea of joining forces with the new national railway museum being built at the GCR stop in Birstall.


The excavation site is on the left behind the blue fencing.



I’ve always had a soft spot for this chubby and irregular building. Hopefully, the new developments in this street will bring this interesting little building back into life.

IMG_0673 IMG_0675 IMG_0681 IMG_0683 IMG_0684 IMG_0685 IMG_0686 IMG_0689
































A bridge over the Soar as it comes through the city, a good (but not impossible) stone’s lob from the mosaic site.

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