The Leicestershire Christmas quiz – how Chisit are you?




1. The Beatles’ AA Side Strawberry Fields/Penny Lane was kept off the Number One spot by which county singer?

2. Which world religion was founded in Leicestershire?

3. Which well-known TV fashion stylist once told me, “I was fat, gay, mixed race and grew up on a council estate – I tick every f***ing box.”

4. Which Leicester rock group were John Lennon’s favourite band? a, Family. b, Showaddywaddy. c, Crazyhead.

5. What is Leicester’s biggest export?

6. Behind Edinburgh, Leicester has the largest number of what?

7. Lady Jane Grey was born and raised in Bradgate Park. How long was she queen of England?

8. Richard III was born over the county border in Northamptonshire, raised partly in Yorkshire and spent his reign as king at Nottingham Castle, before dying in battle in Leicestershire and being buried in the choir of an ancient Leicester church. How long was he king for? a, one year. b, two years, c, three years.

9. In the UK, the best selling book of the 1980s: was it a, The Bible. b, The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4 or c, How to Survive a Nuclear Attack?

10. Richard Armitage, AKA Thorin Oakenshield in Peter Jackson’s film The Hobbit, heralds from which county village?

11. The spiritual home of rock music is based on the edge of which Leicestershire village?

12. Which county town’s annual fair was name-checked by Shakespeare?

13. The largest hoard of Roman coins in Britain was found in which Leicestershire village?

14. What was Leicester City FC’s first name?

15. Which county cheese is known as the king of cheeses?

16. Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer, grew up in Kirkby Mallory, near Earl Shilton. Who was her dad?

17. Which Leicestershire civil rights campaigner will soon be commemorated with a statue?

18. Who was the geneticist who discovered DNA fingerprinting in a lab at Leicester Uni in 1984?

19. He was 52 stones of gelatinous fat but before Daniel Lambert became a poster boy for Georgian excess which sport did he excel in?

20. Kasabian were named after the getaway driver for which 60s cult leader and serial killer?









1. Great Glen love god Engelbert Humperdinck.

2. The Society of Friends, AKA The Quakers. Founded by George Fox of Fenny Drayton.

3. Beaumont Leys old boy Gok Wan.

4. Family.

5. The English language, spoken by a quarter of the planet. Leicester was the cauldron of the English language because the Danes settled here and stopped us having a Germanic language. Sixty per cent of the spoken English language is Germanic, 40 per cent written.

6. The largest number of independent shops.

7. Nine days.

8. Two years.

9. B, Secret Diary by Sue Townsend, who grew up on The Saff.

10. Huncote.

11. Castle Donington.

12. Hinckley.

13. Hallaton.

14. Leicester Fosse FC.

15. Stilton.

16. The “mad, bad and dangerous to know” Lord Byron.

17. Alice Hawkins.

18. Sir Alec Jeffreys.

19. Swimming.

20. Charles Manson.

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