St Peter has got it going on


They say time is a great healer but a poor beautician. Try telling that to St Peter’s in Belgrave. At almost 800 years old, this 13th century stunner can turn the head of even the most hardened aesthete.

St Peter’s is what you may consider the Kylie of the Diocese of Leicester. It’s small and beautiful… and somewhat overlooked of late. It’s also had a fair bit of invisible tinkering to maintain her Middle Ages good looks.

While still in the ownership of the diocese, St Peter’s closed for worship two years ago. Its core health is now maintained by the friends of St Peter’s; good people who know and understand exactly the value of this ancient place of worship. They’re trying to acquire the building from the diocese and talks continue.

We called in on our way to visit Belgrave Hall (For St Geoorge’s Day shenanigans: hence kids dressed as knights). Images of Belgrave Hall will appear in the next post.

And so we begin…



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This wedding dress was worn by a relation of Engelbert Humperdinck when she got married at St Peter’s back in the 60s.


Rows upon rows of former parishioners, resting for eternity beneath the shade of the graveyard’s yew trees.

IMG_0283 IMG_0281 (copy) IMG_0282 (copy) IMG_0301 IMG_0303

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