Secret Beer Club: It’s not secret and it’s not a club

Wave after human wave crashed against the bar, the demand for beer ripping our prediction of 1.8 firkins per hour a new whatsit, and by the time we were four hours in – four hours ahead of schedule – the beer had gone. GONE!



This is what happens when you hold a one night pub, with a dreamy beer list, in an area of Leicester traditionally drier than a Kalahari Ryvita. People were queuing inside, and on the street outside, and many went home without a sniff of hops. It was sad, really.

Which is why on April 30, the people responsible for the above scene of ale-inspired intimacy have created Secret Beer Club. Which is just plain odd because it’s not a secret, or a beer club.

That aside, they’ve got a load of beer in. Along with live music, a comfy environment for 150 fellow beer enthusiasts and access to beer-absorbing snacks. There will be 10 different beers, three vinos and two ciders.

All dosh will go to supporting the second Western Park Beer Festival in August in support of Menphys, a county charity for children with mental and physical disabilities.

Secret Beer Club will be from 7pm to midnight at West Gate School in Glenfield Road, Western Park, on April 30. Beer gut optional. Taste for ale and cheese cobs essential.

Entry tickets are available here…


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