Scotland is closer than you think

wCVLw4yIf you follow the co-ordinates 52.57 latitude and -0.99 longitude you will end up in Scotland.

This may come as a surprise to a number of ordinance survey enthusiasts as Scotland, on closer inspection, appears to be in the very centre of England.

And it is.

You will find that this Scotland is a tiny hamlet in south east Leicestershire.

Scotland is just north of Burton Overy, which is very pretty village on the eastern slope of the Sence Valley.

I’ve scoured Google Maps and while you can’t see it in the locale of the village, there is a clue: Scotland Lane.

It’s at this stage we need to go back into time to 1930. And there, on a 1930 map, just north of the village, you can see Scotland surrounded by acres and acres of good solid English pastureland.


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