Recent pix of Leicester, a couple of Manchester and a few of Jodrell Bank




Photo0110Yes, quite. Taken on the walk home from town yesterday. A billboard in King Richard’s Road, just after West Bridge.



One of my favourite places in Leicester for lunch. Excellent pies washed down with Swithland spring water. The staff are lovely too.



Also a great place for food and beer. One time at The Globe I had a pint with the Archbishop of Canterbury.


The Buddhist centre in Guidhall Lane, like all the pictures of Leicester in this post, it was taken on my walk back to the West End yesterday. This place is great for food, meditation and relaxing. The staff may get your order wrong, but don’t worry about it. The people who work/volunteer here are from all over the world. I love this place.


The Guildhall, circa 1396, with blossom.


Wyggeston’s House, AKA the old fashion museum. They’re going to turn it into a pub. They should get Snibston’s fashion collection in here instead.

Photo0079 Photo0082

Western Park squeezing its way into spring.


Sorry. Have tree fetish.


Excellent garage en route to The Gorilla in Manchester last Saturday.



A truly magical looking pub in Manchester that I didn’t get to visit. Next time, eh?


Utterly crap picture of the old and totally stunning Manchester Institute for the Deaf. Taken at speed walking back to the car ahead of hitting the M1 home. Incidentally, we parked in a private parking place booked over the internet. We arrived at about 4pm and the guy opened the gates to his lock up attired in a bathrobe and slippers. Respect.


Catching sight of Jodrell Bank, before you have to turn your phone off because its signal interferes with…the exploration of the universe.

Photo0004 Photo0005


A wyvern in Leicester city centre’s Cathedral Quarter.



TOM BENNET - Archbishop of Canterbury Celebrate 80 - The Archbishop meets mercury reporter Cat Turnell at The Globe Pub

Didn’t believe me, eh? Oh ye of little faith…


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