Thornton Reservoir







Lots of people say that you don’t really appreciate what you have on your own doorstep. I think that’s true.

Getting out into the countryside is one of the pleasures of modern life.

Here, a ten minute drive from where we live, is Thornton reservoir. It’s a nice three mile stroll, surrounded by water, birds and hills. In fact, when I look at my phone, most images are from where we’ve been walking. There are about 350 at the moment (Jan 2017) and I need to stick a few on here. And I will, once I’ve visited my good friend Nellie Bly.


photo0365 photo0366 photo0370 photo0372 photo0373 photo0374 photo0375 photo0376 photo0377 photo0378 photo0384 photo0372 photo0373 photo0374 photo0375 photo0377 photo0378 photo0381 photo0384 photo0387 photo0388 photo0390 photo0391 photo0392 photo0397 photo0399 photo0407

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