Recent images of Leicester and Leicestershire


Western Park looking beautiful X 5. P.S. Film director Stephen Frears grew up overlooking the park at a spacious house in Western Park Road.

Photo0534 Photo0535 Photo0536 Photo0537Photo0471Rowers upon the canalised section of the River Soar which flows through the city.

5E7F3421-9F73-424E-B271-D29693FCA5BEAnd the award for the most unsuitable wording on a war memorial goes to this one. They “cheerfully” gave their lives for England – really? Fred was cheerfully blown to bits having suffered great mental anguish having witnessed his friends suffer and die. This plaque can be found at Mansfield House police station in Leicester’s Belgrave Gate. Our children shall measure their worth is quite nice, though. Thank you CS for sending it to me.

Photo0339 Photo0342 Photo0341 Photo0348 Photo0351 Photo0352 Photo0353 Photo0335 Photo0343 Photo0345 Photo0346 Photo0357 Photo0356 Photo0355





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