Pix of The Chapel Cafe in Bishop Street and Trinity House Chapel in The Newarke







My, what an impressive organ.

This is the dazzling interior of Bishop Street Methodist Church. It overlooks Town Hall Square and is just a couple of doors away from the library.

They run the Chapel Cafe here, where, for a nominal fee, you can get a cup of tea and get to ogle this view.

I last came here when I interviewed lovely cellist Audrey Riley. She’s added her sumptuous strings to The Smiths, Muse, Smashing Pumpkins and many, many others.

Before we did the interview, I got to hear Audrey debut her new album. In no place less than Trinity House Chapel, which is situated in The Newarke, and should be a tourist attraction. Yet it comes under DMU’s claustrophobic wing.

But, I kid ye not, it has the best acoustics of any room in the city or county.

Here’s what the chapel looks like.


The stained glass in the distance is predominantly in red and blue. It’s quite beautiful.


Among the features of the chapel are these ancient tiles, which you can’t walk on. Not even tiptoes.

Photo0062Perhaps the most remarkable feature of the room is this tomb, with an effigy of a rather pious female. Once I’ve found out who she is, I will add more info.


It’s quite a slab of marble, isn’t it?

Photo0066And this is what she looks like. Although I’m certain in life she didn’t have AJ tattooed on her forehead. Or 1782 embroidered into her wimple.

Photo0063And finally, a little window seat.

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