New thoughts on an old theme

Braunstone: It’s an old place name meaning brown stone and brown stones y’all can often be mistaken for poo.

This scatological parallel fits well with the the general thinking on Braunstone Estate, AKA Braunstone or Brauny.

But Braunstone, a name which anoints the housing estate, town and village, isn’t shit.

These photos, portraying the blue light gloom of early spring, were taken on April 4. We took a wander from Western Park up to Meridian for a Burger King treat for the kids. A long walk for fast food.

Braunstone was a village with a Domesday Book mention until the 1930s. In went the houses onto the old Winstanley estate and boom, a mushroom cloud population explosion.

The pictures below cover St Peter’s; the Norman church, Braunstone Park and Braunstone Hall.

In the next post there will be a visit to Braunstone Hall’s walled garden. In the meantime, I’m off to France with Sausage Party #1.

Photo0927 Photo0929 Photo0931 Photo0932 Photo0933


The Norman church as you can see had a run-in with a less sympathetic 17th century extension.

Photo0935 Photo0936 Photo0938 Photo0939 Photo0940 Photo0941 Photo0942 Photo0943 Photo0944 Photo0946 Photo0948 Photo0949 Photo0951 Photo0953 Photo0955 Photo0956 Photo0958 Photo0959 Photo0960

Photo0961 Photo0962 Photo0963 Photo0966

The walled garden of Braunstone Hall.

Photo0967 Photo0968 Photo0969 Photo0970 Photo0971

Braunstone Hall.Photo0972 Photo0973 Photo0975 Photo0976 Photo0977 Photo0978The stables of Braustone Hall which lead through to the walled garden. Piccies of the walled garden soon.


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