Leicester city on Leicester City today


Some clever artist from London came up and sprayed this all over a wall off King Richard’s Road. It’s a corker. Just after taking this pic this morning, I called into Dayman’s DIY store “If you’re going to do it, do it with Dayman’s” – which is a stone’s throw from this work of art. The chap in the shop was well impressed. “It’s good one, innit?” He’s right, it’s a keeper. Nice work richardwilsonartwork.com

Photo0456Photo0469Photo0452A pub missing an apostrophe in a street without an apostrophe. Still, top decorations at The Crow’s Nest in King Richard’s Road (sic).


The Bazaar in King Richard’s Road. Good decorations, but it’s not as exciting as it was when they had a full size Terminator in the front window.Photo0113

A clever advert at the West Bridge bus stop.

See this Leicestershire does Sgt Pepper picture below? You can get a copy for £30 from info@bulbstudios.com – it’s called 99 Reasons To Love Leicestershire and we did it this time in 2014. Sir Peter Soulsby, the city mayor, was kind enough to open the exhibition.



That’s FEARLESS not EARLESS, unless Robert Huth has extended his repertoire…


Go on, take me picture, from 30 metres away.


Leicester school kids who can now seemingly sing any song utilising the name Leicester at a moment’s notice.Photo0480

The guy on the left is touring with Less Than Jake, the Florida ska punk band who play the O2 tonight. He tried explaining to the band just how special Leicester winning the Premiership is, but they weren’t game.


Right, enough posturing. What I want is someone who hasn’t bought their kit, flag or car sticker from the shop this week. I want someone who, at 4.30pm on a Wednesday afternoon, has two bottles of Champagne and a bottle of cider on his person. I want someone so deliriously happy he’s doing City chants solo to the early rush hour traffic outside the KP. Some of the drivers snaking past the King Power enthusiastically beep encouragement. This chap told me that his mate sold his ticket for the Everton game for £1,500. He also said he’d heard City’s good news in a works van in deepest darkest Cornwall, amid an intermittent reception. Inside that van he lost his shit for 20 minutes, possibly in the style of Nicholas Cage. Good. If you’re going to be a bear, kids, be a grizzly.

Photo0483 Photo0485 Photo0486 Photo0488Yes, there are three photos of the queue in the merch shop. You probably understand what I’m getting at. P.S. That flag the guy’s holding will set you back a sweet tenner.


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