Images from LE1 and elsewhere

Photo0321Currently on display in Dover Street, Leicester. Just excellent.



Walkers. Best pies. No contest.


Leicester Market vinyl stall.


IMG_7213Leicester Fridge do Naked Comedy at Manhattan 34. Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival on Friday, February 5.

Leicester singer Engelbert with some of the Leicester Mercury feature writers, Lee Marlow, Catherine Turnell and Sarah Staples.

Leicestershire love god drops by the Mercury offices and visits the newsfloor. Pre-Eurovision.

Photo0954Nicely done my son.

STORY CAT FOR FEATURE Lord Sebastian Coe has the High Performance Athletics Centre at Loughborough University named after him - 'Seb Coe' building.

I recall showing my dad this picture of Lord Coe, snapped during an interview at the opening of a sports centre in his name at Loughborough University. My dad used the C word to describe him. I’ve got to say I agree.


This is how you do your shopping when you can’t get a trolley because you’re pushing a pram. Nice work CR.


That would be my rap alter-ego, if I didn’t already have one. RIP MC Tuff of Glenfield.


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