Jewry Wall


When you live in an unfashionable city with two thousand plus years of history, it’s easy to be a bit meh about the things you graze past every day. Easy and a bit, well, silly.


A 25 minute amble from my house and you’re in Roman Leicester. Jewry Wall is the biggest bit of what’s left of the entrance to a Roman bath house. Next door, or over its shoulder, you’ll find St Nicholas, which is Saxon and Leicester’s oldest church. A broken Roman pillar sits casually in its graveyard.

Jewry Wall has a museum. It has stuff like this mosaic 150AD.


It’s also got this.



And this.


And this.


And this, too. The scene of a baptism in Leicester in 1500. The font’s a dead ringer for the one in the city’s All Saints.


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