About the writer.

Some people get a kick from cocaine…I get a kick out of writing about Leicester and Leicestershire.

After 20 years in newspaper journalism, I now work as a freelance copywriter, and put in the odd university workshop/module when called upon. In March 2018, I retired my pen as an occasional Mr Leicester for the Leicester Mercury.

Right now, I’m in the middle of writing a screenplay set in 1899/1890, and easily distracted.

I’m also putting together an exhibition on Leicester’s most iconic entertainment venue and writing a lot about music and comedy and getting paid for it.

If I get the chance between working, parenting and god knows what, I’ll finish those two screenplays I’ve started and write that six episode dramedy on The Charlotte. 

P.S. There isn’t a ‘get in contact’ section anywhere on this site, as the internet appears to be the Wild West for weirdos. I hope you understand. If you’re that bloke in London, who keeps wholesale nicking my words and images, please stop, or I’ll set my neighbour’s cat on you.

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