About the writer.

The AuthorI like beer. I don’t have a beard. My favourite fruit is probably a toss-up between an avocado, a tomato or an olive.

When I’m not snick-snicking at Viz or Modern Toss, getting lyrics wrong, or absently staring off into head-phoned oblivion, I tend to be researching, writing or taking pictures of Leicester and Leicestershire.

My obsession for this squirrel-shaped county was endorsed and fed by my employment as a Leicester Mercury features writer.

 I work as a freelance copywriter, write the odd article and have been known to do the odd university workshop i.e. three. I’m currently writing a screenplay set in 1899/1890 and fiddling with stuff.

If I get the chance between working, parenting and god knows what, I’d like to write Something Very Entertaining and be able to share rude jokes with Tina Fey, Steve Coogan and Amy Poehler. (I’d also like to get tipsy and mud bath wrestle with David Simon, Aaron Sorkin and Hilary Mantel).

 Some sleep would be nice too. And, as I’ve begun to notice, some laser hair removal.

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